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Aquaponic Vegetable Growing Systems

Product Details

Aquaponic Vegetable Growing Systems

Aquaponics is suitable for those who want to grow their own food sustainably and organically. It can be set up anywhere, indoors, in the backyard, or a controlled environment like a greenhouse. Aquaponics can be done in budget-friendly investments by DIYing and using recyclable materials or in a more expensive investment by purchasing pre-made aquaponics kits.

Benefits of Aquaponics Systems

  • Aquaponics lets you grow your food all year round by regulating your growing needs or using greenhouses.

  • Low water usage. Aquaponics uses approximately 90% less water than conventional farming. The water used is recycled, so it is rarely changed or discarded.

  • No soil is involved, so very few weeds will pop up in your garden, giving you more time to enjoy farming.

  • Plants grow faster in aquaponics systems because they can access nutrient-rich water 24 hours a day.

  • An aquaponics system can be an additional source of income for you and your family.

  • Aquaponics systems do not require extensive land areas and are inexpensive to set up.

  • With Aquaponics, you can grow your food without harmful chemicals or fertilizers.

  • By growing your own food, you can have food security and food independence.

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Frame Size




Dot arrayDot Qty.
C16T1-WB44C Series600X600

C Series600X800

C Series800X80020mm6X636

C Series1000X60020mm8X540

C Series1200X60020mm9X545

C Series1200X80020mm9x654

C Series1000X1000

C Series1400X600

C Series1400X80020mm10X660
Holder install
Brief instruction of DIY series metope garden install.

* DIY-C series is the same install step as Design-C, the only difference is we offer blueprint for Design-C, customers need do the design work on DIY-C by themselves.